Not All Anniversaries Are Happy Ones…

**Trigger warning: This post is raw and real, it talks about life, death, challenges to faith, and may or may not be what you need to hear today. 


What’s In A Resolution?

An interesting aspect of the culture of the world today is the way everyone can be on the same page about some things yet totally different pages about others. When to celebrate the New Year is something that comes up multiple times a year, and varies across religions and cultures, but what should we know about it?

Faith Vs. Intellect

Ok, so before diving into this I am absolutely not saying that you can only have faith or intellect; that somehow smarter people can’t have faith and only less smart people can. 

Guest Post Alert – Transition Time

Summer is a busy time full of adventure and change. For some, it may be a transition from one grade to the next, maybe a new job in the family, or maybe even a new place to live. Life is full of transitions like these, so how do we help ourselves, and our kids understand and cope with these changes as they come?